Tuesday, June 7, 2011

He was just 5 years old when he started living alone.

I cried when he started to sing.. and tears keep falling...
Fuh.. Kesiannya this guy. Dia lari dari rumah anak yatim since he was 5years old & jual gums n minuman jak d jalanan. I was definitely inspired by his story!Dah jarang sangat nampak anak2 muda can struggle in hard life like him. Seriously, he's amazing!!!
Inspired me a lot. 
Tuhan maha adil.. Tuhan bagi dia kebolehan. He got the voice. But maybe rupa kurang. Xkisah as long he got talent! Thank God.. Syukur..
For those who still having their parents, siblings... bersyukur lah nak.. Jangan melawan cakap org tua.
May God Bless him.

"Im not a good singer, but i like it.."
"I just listened and practiced by my self "
The best inspiring words i ever heard...
Lets support him.. Choi Sung Bong

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