Thursday, July 22, 2010

The real me..

Jarang sy marah..
bila marah~dengar lagu,tarik nafasss sedalam2 yg boleh,nangis2 mcm urang gila~ trus ok. Pelik pula..(-'_'-)
Bukan minta puji, kenyataan (⊙_◎)
Yeah, sy mmg panas baran. But not for a long periods of time..
After 5-10 minutes I'll be alright..
Thank God i can control my anger =]
Gd Night..
May tomorrow will be a Good Good Good Good Day for us =]

1 comment:

David said...

i tried translating from Malay to English. This is how it translated.

Sy rarely angry .. when angry to hear the song, pull nafasss deep two-can, nangis2 mcm crazy urang trus ok. .. weird is not requested praise, reality yeah, I MMG temper. But not for a long periods of time

I am not sure what it all means. It seems like you never get angry..but a song has mad you angry....and maybe you have temper but for not long...I am not sure..but the bible says: be angry and sin not..So when someone does you is okay to be angry if it doesn't glorify God what they do...but to think, say, or do evil in return is wrong and not pleasing to God.