Friday, June 4, 2010

Talent Show ❤

Well..i ❤ to watch talent show.Any shows that related to TALENT..
This's what im doing at home during holiday.Spent my whole holiday watching the talent show such as Britain's Got Talent,America's Got Talent,Australia,etc.
and yeah, the shows really Wow me..ooOOoo I wish i cud be like them.
People said, kongsi2 ~~~~~~kamurang sambung sendiri lah kio..
u guys shud watch will wowwwwww u:-)

Wish my future husband,son/doter can do this..:-)

Yeah!!Who said my grandpa can't sing?haha..Yihaaa!

CLICK HERE if u want to c more video[Australia's Got Talent]
Click on the picture^_^
Too many of it.Kamurang tgk sndri lah kio..

Malaysia's Got Talent..ada kah???hoho^_^

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