Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Once upon a time..

As blurrrrrrrrrrr..

Spending my holiday wif bad toothache..Kurang asam terlebih gula!~i still use this words o.aiyaa~
Can't do anything during my holi-holiday..
There's so much things to do but...huh!
It's all about toothache!

Miss my Campus Life...
Hangout,chit chat wif my BFF~Preeta,Zetty,all my indians frens n those who know me la kunun~
Most my batchmates labelled me as a 'sombong person'..Am i??
Dun judge me by what im act today bah..(xkenal maka xcinta..)
I'm the craziest gal bah.huhu kalu kamurang mau tau la kunun..
& some people doesn't knw me at all cuz bkurungggg nopo d rumah.naaa keteh la.
Yaaaa..Maybe it's time for me to change something that i'd never do before..

4thMarch..I'll be back at MC.
So much things to settle up there..
It's ok..people said 'Leget-leget baitoo'.

adui gg..
nokurooo ko sakit2 lgi ni..aiyakkkk
tumbuk baru tau!huhu

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