Sunday, January 10, 2010


People don't exactly know on what im thinking..memang lar..
People dont know on how my attitude is..

Talk whatever u guys want to talk to..
Me : Dun care,dun mind.
Its 'ur authority ..

~New Year~
~New Mind Set~
~New Faith~
~New Wish~
~New New..haha~
~New BF - Luv this 1.ahahaa..For sure,he's a chatolic too.No need to worried about the tansar oredy~
~Born as a chatolic,die as a chatolic.~
~I'm proud to be chatolic!~
~Wish me Luck bebeh~

Last but not least...
I'm going to 20 this year~
Nyahh..I'm not getting older but i'm just a little closer to death.

Miss 'someone'.Nyahh jiwangz!

To someone..I'm sorry.

Not the end of life bebeh..
u'll found ur true soulmate soon=)
Be strong.
May God Bless U always..

Adios Amigos!

1 comment:

gadis borneo said... bf?caught my @10 tion more...gegegeh...

apa yg terjd suda?...sibuk (=_=)'